Techomotive, Inc.

Contact information

Phone: (504) 451-1829

About the Founders

Founder and President Alex Kronberger ( works on Techomotive's product concept and revenue model designs. Alex previously worked in broadcast journalism for six years. Alex holds a BA in History & Journalism from Brandeis University and has studied history at Oxford University. Alex is currently an MBA candidate at the A. B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University.

John Abraham Francis ( has a background in operation management and has extensive experience in project planning, costing, and budgeting, and has led the planning and implementation effort in several mega projects in India. He is currently a MBA Candidate at A. B. Freeman School of Business. He also holds Bachelors in Civil Engineering and a Post Graduate degree from the National Institute of Construction Management, India.

Richard Futrell ( works on the technical aspects of Techomotive's products. Previously, he built natural language processing software for Bay Area startup Wordnik and co-founded BabelOn, a startup in Stanford's StartX incubator offering automatic translation services. Richard is a Ph.D. candidate in Cognitive Science at MIT and holds a master's degree from Stanford University.